Macleay Valley Connections Day Outings & Short Holidays

Our purpose: To provide social outings and getaway’s for those people who require support, in order for them to enjoy activities and trips to places of interest..

  • Experience places and events of common interest
  • Participate in activities, trips, holidays and events that add to the person’s experiences and therefore enhance their health, wellbeing and lifestyle.
  • Share good times together and take advantage of what is on offer

Support each other to participate in community activities and experience life together

We provide enjoyable and life-enhancing experiences for people with a disability such as outings, entertainment, recreation, events and holidays. Our competent support staff will assist those who are unable to enjoy these activi-ties independently and/or have no informal contacts to enjoy outings with.

To participate you will need;

  • A risk assessment performed by Macleay Options in conjunction with family or your service provider to ensure your safety
  • Enough money to cover expenses and spending
  • A happy and adventurous spirit, willing to give things a go!

Please note that provision may not be possible to people that display challenging behaviours and may pose a risk to other participants.

Contact our trips co-ordinator on 6562 2355
For the latest calendar of events and itineraries.