Specialist Disability Accommodation


Opened 28th January 2016, our Specialist Disability Accommodation property is a facility unique to the Macleay Valley.


Macleay Options Inc. identified in 2009 the need for the development of a specialist accommodation model of support for ageing people with an intellectual disability that would allow them to age in a suitable environment amongst friends and co-workers. Initial Funding was secured through NSW Government – Family and Community Services – Ageing, Disability and Home Care, to construct the independent living house and adjoining six villas.


The property has the provision to accommodate seven permanent residents, configured to provide each resident with their own  independent living quarters and equipped with a bedroom and living room, an individual bathroom and kitchenette, in addition to a communal kitchen, dining and lounge room. Disability support is  provided with 24 hour supervision, augmented through the use of Assistive Technologies to enable the safety and security of residents whilst maximising their independence.


Through this integrated facility, we are investing in the future of our service users and maintaining the rich environment we are lucky to enjoy in the Macleay Valley,  at the same time providing integration into the community for people with an intellectual disability.

Outcomes include:

  • Setting and achieving personal goals
  • Individualised personal and medical care
  • Assistance with living skills (transport, shopping, personal care, cooking etc)
  • Community participation and integration
  • Maintenance of family connections and friendships
  • Maintain employment, volunteering and activities in life
  • Assist in transition to retirement
  • Each person has their own personal space and amenities along with the use of a common area.


Enquiries available through our residential services phone 1800 462 253