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Rediscover, recreate, revive, reuse

By 11 October, 2017Uncategorized

Rediscover, recreate, revive, reuse, restore, reinvigorate, repurpose, relove, these are the inspirations for many who respond to the silent beckoning of the items within as they approach the doors of their favourite recycled goods store.

The inspiration and treasures to discover at an “Op Shop” or recycled goods outlet, create an experience within itself, and is a favourite pastime of many. Often we have our favourite colours or items that we search for, igniting a sense of pride or excitement when we locate them, and at bargain prices take them home with us to provide new life and meaning.

A favourite of one customer of the Macleay Options Stores is pie dishes. Pirex will do her nicely. Using the pie dishes our clever customer purchases she creates seasonal gifts of home cooked treats from her garden and distributes them to family and friends to brighten their day, or remind them they are loved, the empty dishes may take 6 months to be returned, but at bargain prices, it’s an affordable way to feed and nurture many a soul.

One delighted lady recently proudly announced to the customer service staff instore the item she was purchasing that day she had been searching many years for and hadn’t been able to find anywhere else in Australia as she travelled around in her caravan, and “she’s found it in Kempsey”, we look forward to her spreading the word as she continues on her travels with her reloved book in hand.

Mix and match designer labels are always a sort after item for the fashion maestro who has an innate ability to reinvigorate a dress, top or skirt and immerse it into their corporate wardrobe as if it had always been there.

Many a customer has been observed completely losing track of time as they enjoy the experience of wandering through our stores, perhaps a vintage

“Sheffield” butter knife they’ve spotted has invoked treasured memories of time spent in the kitchen of their grandparent as a child “helping” make a batch of scones for family gatherings, or fine china tea cup has reminded them of the “special” cabinet in a dining room, that contained heirlooms, and the replacement for that one broken piece has just been found, allowing the special status of the setting to be rediscovered.

“Just browsing” takes on a whole new meaning within our stores walls, we’ve noticed the goose bumped flesh, the twinkle in eyes, the excited special secret story smiles in the corner of mouths, and the whispers between friends as they discuss the “remember when” moments the items they rediscover create.

Call it “Op shopping” call it repurposing, call it recycling, it has many names, just ensure you call in to the Macleay Options Stores at either 15 Smith St Kempsey, or 19 Elbow St West Kempsey and enjoy the experience of indulging yourself in a treasure hunt that brings pleasure to your soul.


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