Part of the mattress recycling program’s goals is reclaiming the metal springs and baling them for recycling.
Pet Beds are a very popular line from the Mattress recycling program. Suitable Mattress tops are cut and steam cleaned, then sewn by threads into 5 different sized pet beds, or custom made sizes for transport crates for show dog customers.
Woodboxes, fantastic for firewood, blankets, shoe storage or even toy boxes these are made from reclaimed timber by Woodies and are a very popular product. Standard sizes available in our stores is 860mmL x 460mmW x 570mmH, or custom makes are available on request.
Timber Bench Seats from reclaimed timber are available in a range of sizes, with or without backs and also armrests. Recycled pine is used for undercover seating, or recycled hardwood when available for full outdoor seating, staining or varnishing options are available at an additional cost.
Camp Trailer Mattresses Custom made are from steam cleaned recycled Mattress tops, and foam. Made to measure, a velcro join on the fold can be added to ensure mattresses do not slip apart, whilst allowing flexibility folding during packup and storage.
Camp Trailer storage box. This great little box was custom made for travellers passing through town who are on a round Australia trip. A great storage solution for all those little extra items required for life on the road, this box is lightweight made from recycled pine, and was finished with Macadamia Oil coating for an all environmental friendly finish.
Macleay Options supply bags of firewood for Campers and back yard fire pit enthusiasts alike. Sold by the bag, hardwood offcuts from the Woodies factory are available for purchase for a convenient solution on those spontaneous weekends of fun.
Our first load of springs from the new baler approximately 240 bales, 23.56 tonnes of steel.

Macleay Options Recycling Enterprise (MORE)

Macleay Options Recycling Enterprise (MORE) is working in partnership with local councils, including Kempsey, Port Macquarie, Grafton and Coffs Harbour to significantly reduce landfill.

This section if Macleay Options enables employment opportunities for Kempsey locals involved in the stripping down of mattresses back to raw products, ready for repurposing.

Creativity is making marvelous out of the discarded.

Products are made from the following recycled components:

  • Recycled Timber
  • Recycled Mattress Pillow tops
  • Recycled Mattress Coconut Fibre
  • Recycled Mattress Lining
  • Recycled Mattress Spring Steel
  • Surfboard covers from recycled mattresses
These great surf board covers are made from steam cleaned reclaimed mattress tops. Great for inside your car, protecting both board and interior, and great for the environment. Custom makes are available, give us a call to order yours today.