Community Involvement

Macleay Options Inc is committed to assisting businesses within the local community to not only provide them with quality products and services but also reduce landfill via our recycling initiatives and subsequently enhance the local environment.

Working collaboratively with the local community retains and indeed increases employment. We believe a proactive approach is for the betterment of the entire Macleay Valley, allowing it to grow and prosper.

We take pride in participating in local government beautification projects of areas such as the Riverside Park in Kempsey, believing if our parks and community common areas are aesthetically pleasing the flow on effects such as attracting day trippers and tourist to our towns can only benefit all.

Did you know?

Macleay Options employs over 160 local residents over our range of industries and services including: 120 staff, 42 Supported employees as well as providing a meaningful workplace and training for Work for the Dole participants, Volunteers and also offers high school work placements.


Fascinating Facts:

  1. Macleay Options Recycling Enterprise processes on average 1200 mattresses per month.
  2.  In 1 year, 150 tonne of scrap steel is baled into 40cm square “bricks” of steel and sold for direct export to recycling.
  3. Coconut Fibre from the mattresses is being used in permaculture ventures as weedmatting.
  4. Any unusable timber from the mattresses is stripped down and used as Biochar
  5. We also recycle plastic pallets, Oyster farmers are now using these for walking treads in the mud.
  6. We have recently purchased foam cutting equipment to enable us to work collaboratively with a local business who exports their products, assisting them with their packaging needs.
  7. The inspiration behind the theme “Together we can do great things” Macleay Options was contracted by a photographic company “Velvet Moth” to create satchels for Cranbrook private school students as part of their end of year celebrations. The story of Macleay Options resonated with the school and so the collaboration began.
  8. To date 11 of our “work for the dole” participants have become employed by Macleay Options in varying roles either casually, part time or permanently as a direct result of their work ethic and participation in the program.


Whilst on the surface our industries appear to be an unmatched collection of businesses within their own right, they each have a common bond of being a niche that fits with our supported employees models.